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A set of chairs for medical professional and patient

We have put together a number of chairs specifically for the Corona vaccination campaigns. This set consists of a chair for the patient and a saddle chair for the health care staff who administer the injection. For ideas and suggestions for a work setup, please visit our website safe vaccination process with the Score Vena Standard. Here you can watch a video and read how you can vaccinate ergonomically and healthily during the vaccination campaigns.

The Score vaccination kit consists of the Vena Standard phlebotomy chair and the Amazone saddle stool with lumbar support. We have equipped this set of chairs with PUxx upholstery. This is a very pleasant PU synthetic leather and can be disinfected with detergents based on alcohol, chlorides or other disinfectants. Ordinary PVC-based synthetic leather dry out slowly and tear when it comes into contact with more aggressive cleaning agents. Torn pads are a source of bacteria. 

Vena® Standard Phlebotomy Chair PUxx Black

A solid patient chair on a star base with trumpet feet/gliders.  

  • Equipped with a vena blood collection armrest as standard.
  • Height-adjustable seat height from 44-57 cm.
  • Height and depth adjustable backrest.
  • Seat with tilt adjustment is optional.

The Vena Standard for vaccinations is equipped with PUxx pads. This upholstery is ideal for a medical environment and can be cleaned with disinfectants based on alcohol, chlorides, etc.

Visit also the product page of the Vena Standard phlebotomy chair

Saddle chair Amazone with lumbar support in PUxx black

The saddle chair is ideal for sitting higher. With a normal chair, your knees are at an angle of about 90 degrees. With a knee angle of about 115 degrees, you sit slightly higher than your patient so you can work upright. Since this chair has wheels and the seat has a saddle shape, you can easily move. This is our recommendation for the health care staff who carry out the vaccination. 

  • Height-adjustable seat height. Standard seat height 59-77 cm, ideal for a working height of 80-100 cm.
  • Lumbar support can be adjusted in height and depth.
  • Seat angle is adjustable.
  • Seamlessly covered with PUxx upholstery. Especially suitable if you frequently work with disinfectants such as alcohol.

For more information, see the product page of the saddle chair Amazone with lumbar support (seamless).

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