Tens of thousands of vaccinations... HOW do you keep going?

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Vaccinating against Covid-19 is a mega job!

The COVID-19 vaccination project is literally a million job. If all vaccine candidates are approved, billions of vaccine doses are expected to be available in the European Union. This is an intense mammoth task for medical staff!

Score Medical ergonomic chairs can make this job a lot more comfortable for all doctors and nurses, who need to carry out the vaccinations to master this challenge. They are at the forefront of the world's COVID-19 response and are urgently needed. Good tools make it easier for employees to keep their distance, to take a good posture and to be able to work quickly.

With Score chairs, you work professionally during the vaccination period. A good work structure helps the medical professional and the patient to work more efficiently and safely. Avoid long-term neck, shoulder and back problems and opt for good physical support and a Score saddle chair or stool. 

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Do you think vaccinating is hard work? 

Working all day standing is intense. A good design of the workplace is therefore important for the employees. Sit-stand stools or good chairs such as the Score Amazone saddle chair help doctors and nurses who administer the vaccine to do their job comfortably. Combined with a good patient chair such as the Vena Standard, you can create a safe working environment for the healthcare professional and the patient. In the video (left) you will find a possible arrangement of the vaccination center. Score offers a range of ergonomic chairs specifically available for the Corona Covid-19 vaccination campaign.

Our recommendation for your vaccination kit

Work safely and ergonomically with Score

7 Reasons for Your Decision on Score Chairs: 

  • You work safely because you work behind the patient. You have hardly any face-to-face contact with the patient.
  • Since you and the patient are seated, you can adjust your saddle chair individually and you work exclusively at one comfortable working height.
  • You can simply roll back and forth between the patient and the table, always sitting upright and stable.
  • Your patient sits stable and comfortable, the arm is raised. This soothes the patient and ensures a more relaxed position.
  • Having the patient looking forward, the patient has no view of the needle. This can prevent the patient from feeling uncomfortable.
  • The PUxx padding is ideal for medical purposes and can be cleaned with disinfectant cleaners based on alcohol or chloride.
  • After the vaccination campaign, the chairs can be used as a work chair or as a phlebotomy chair. The Vena Standard phlebotomy chair can also be used as an office or laboratory chair by removing the armrests for blood collection. A sustainable investment.

For more information on using chairs for vaccination, please contact Score.

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