The new Score Polo!

An all-round saddle stool? Yes, that's the new Score Polo. A saddle stool without equal.

Seating in motion
What makes the Score Polo so special? The Score Polo is the ultimate saddle stool for those who want to sit dynamically and alternately during their work. It promotes an active sitting posture so you can easily keep moving. That improves your breathing and blood circulation and gives you the energy to concentrate for longer.

With the Polo you can really go in all directions
The Score Polo is available in four upholsteries and several expressive colours that fit in perfectly with this day and age. That makes it literally for all-round use.

That's why you choose the Score Polo

  • Active, dynamic sitting position
  • Small and light
  • Height-adjustable
  • Available in trendy colours and several upholsteries
  • Fits into any space, any interior
  • Easy to move and store

Plenty of choices
The Score Polo is small, light and easy to move. Its compact size makes it easy to store, e.g. under a desk. The customer can choose between a narrower or broader seat and also different heights. There are also plenty of choices of upholstery and colour.

For everyone a suitable Polo
It makes no difference if the client uses a low or high desk or something in between. Home or office working. Prefer colours like ochre yellow, bright pink or black. There is a Score Polo for everyone, regardless their physical build, work or interior.

Configure easily your own Score Polo
With our handy product configurator you can configure your own Polo entirely according to your wishes. Curious what your Score Polo could look like? Then click on the button below and create your own unique Score Polo.
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Flex*, Trevira
*Flex Bicolor surcharge € 20,-
€ 377,-
Imitation leather€ 388,-
Stamskin, Trevira Blend€ 399,-

There is a Score Polo for everyone

The Score Polo is a saddle stool without equal. Active, dynamic and trendy: you can literally and figuratively move in any direction. The extensive material, colour and height options mean you can always put together a Score Polo that suits you in every way. And it's good for your health too!

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