Vena Hydro phlebotomy chair

Step: 1Upholstery

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Step: 2Options

Without armrests (standard)
Armrest set Vena® Fixed (2 pcs.)
Armrest set Vena® Multi Adjustable PU (2 pcs.)
Armrest set Vena® Multi adjustable Stamskin (2 pcs.)
Armrest set Vena® Multi adjustable PUxx (2 pcs.)
Trumpet glides
Castors with brake

Set of 4 wheels that can be locked independently

Get-up brackets

Step: 3Summary

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Vena Hydro phlebotomy chair

Phlebotomy chair Vena® Hydro is provided with a hydraulic height adjustment that can be raised to any desired height while the patient is sitting in the chair. This makes it easier for older patients in particular to get in and out of the chair. Stand-up brackets also contribute to this. There is a wide choice of rotatable and height-adjustable armrest sets for precision work in the blood lab. The seat and back can be upholstered in Stamskin or PUxx. Both are blood resistant and have antibacterial properties. PUxx has the unique feature that it can be cleaned with Isopropyl alcohol, which offers a solution when it comes to workplaces with high hygiene requirements, such as in a medical environment.

Height adjustment:45 - 62 cm
  • Hydraulic Height Adjustment
  • Aluminium base ø 70 cm
  • Trumpet glides
  • Chair 360° rotatable, including rotation lock
  • Backrest can be tipped up to 30°
  • Medical device according to MDR 2017/745 (class I)
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