Polo Jumper

Step: 1Upholstery

Make a choice in material and colour below.

Step: 2Options

Amazone zadelzit
Jumper zadelzit
Flex-base aluminium
Flex-base zwart
Standard (mid31), Seat height 59-77 cm
Hoog (Mid38), zithoogte 63-88 cm

For persons with a length above 190 cm. See Which saddle chair is the best fit for you? under the section Ergonomics to find a more detailed guideline.

Step: 3Summary

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Polo Jumper

The Polo: an all-round winner
The Score Polo is a saddle stool without equal. Active, dynamic and trendy: you can literally and figuratively move in any direction. The extensive material, colour and height options mean you can always put together a Score Polo that suits you in every way. And it's good for your health too!

Stronger muscles, more energy
What makes the Score Polo so unique? It promotes an active sitting posture and provides enough grip to move in all directions. As you move, your back maintains its natural posture, strengthening your back and abdominal muscles and improving your breathing and blood circulation. This gives you energy to concentrate on your work for longer. That's what we call active sitting!

Light, compact and yet robust
The Polo is available with a narrow and a broader saddle seat in three different materials and beautiful, vibrant colours that are completely in keeping with the times. The Polo is also small, light and easy to move around. It fits in any space, you can easily store it under your desk for example. Don't be fooled by its compact build: this saddle stool is robust enough to give you years of enjoyment.

Always a Polo that is right for you
Whether you work at a low or high desk or something in between. Whether you work as a counter assistant, a copywriter or a nursery school teacher. If you like warm red, ochre yellow, bright pink or intense green. For home or office working. There is always a Polo that is right for your physical build, work and interior.

Work surface height:90-100 cm
Height adjustment:61 - 86 cm
  • The Score Polo strengthens your back and abdominal muscles and can relieve and prevent back problems
  • The Polo is available with a narrower seat (Polo Amazone) and a broader seat (Polo Jumper)
  • This dynamic saddle stool invites you to move while your back maintains its natural posture
  • From the height to the colour: you can put the Polo together yourself so that it suits you in every way
  • The healthy working posture ensures regular breathing and optimal blood circulation, which gives you the energy to concentrate for longer

Saddle Chairs

Experience the comfort of a saddle stool. The ergonomically shaped saddle seat ensures a correct sitting position while your feet are firmly on the ground. Due to the saddle shape, your spine comes into a position that leads to less fatigue. You are also very flexible on the saddle stool and can easily roll on it from one place to another. Score saddle stools are available in three different seat shapes.

The jumper for a wider fit and the Amazon for a narrower fit. Score offers an additional "balance" mechanism for Jumper, Amazon and Jolly. The saddle chairs Jumper, Amazon and the Jolly are also available with the unique Score Balance mechanism.

The sophisticated mechanism ensures that the Score saddle moves towards the center of gravity of the upper body when the user adjusts his position. The position of the pelvic vertebrae remains in balance and pressure points, e.g. on the inner thighs and pubis are relieved. This makes sitting on the already comfortable saddle seat even more comfortable.

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