Mobility Work Chair 2300 Arthrodese

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Mobility Work Chair 2300 Arthrodese

The Score Mobility Work Chair 2300 Arthrodese makes it possible to move while sitting down. In other words, walking with small light steps while sitting. There is extra space provided between the front wheels for you feet, which makes moving around easier. The Score Mobility Work Chair 2300 Arthrodese has independently adjustable legrests. The arthrodesis seat ensures that the injured leg is supported ergonomically on the correct height.

The Score Mobility Work Chair is especially made for people with walking difficulties and for people with muscle, joint or fatigue complaints. The smooth-running wheels allow you to move with light effort. Due to its maneuverability, the chair is ideal for use at home or on the work floor.

Work surface height:70-85 cm
Height adjustment:36 - 58 cm
  • Mobility work chair provided with castors with brakes and a foldable footrest
  • Separately adjustable leg supports
  • Including armrests

Mobility Work Chairs

The Score mobility work chairs are developed to enable the user to keep the usual level of activity and independence at home and at the work place – despite the user’s disability, like arthritis, back diagnoses, walking-impairment and sclerosis.

The mobility work chair enables you to walk the chair while sitting down. Good ergonomics support and comfort ensure an optimum sitting position that facilitates activity and participation. The stable frame and the central brake ensure safety when the user is getting into and out of the chair.

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