Medical 6311 Ergo Shape

Step: 1Upholstery

Make a choice in material and colour below.

Step: 2Options

Ergo shape seat ø 35 cm
Ergo shape seat ø 40 cm
Vaste zithoek
Adjustable seat angle

The seat has an adjustable seatingangle

Armrest 5

Height and width adjustable

Aluminium base ∅ 54 cm
Alu. base round en smooth ∅ 50 cm
Alu. base round en smooth ∅ 60 cm
Aluminium base ∅ 67 cm
Soft Swivel castorsø 65 mm

Suitable for hard floor surfaces

Hard Swivel castorsø 65 mm

Suitable for carpets

Soft castors, brake loaded

Wielen worden bij belasting van de stoel geremd

Trumpet glides
ESD chair
Gaslift height adjustment
Footring ∅ 45 cm
Footring ∅ 50 cm
Height adjustment by foot

Step: 3Summary

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Medical 6311 Ergo Shape

The Score Medical 6311 is a chair with a comfortable Ergo Shape seat of ø 40 cm with recess edge for the thighs to prevent the stagnation of blood circulation. The functional lumbar support is easily to adjust in height and angle. The Medical 6311 is suitable for short research and general use in medical research rooms.

The Score Medical 6311 can be upholstered in Stamskin or PUxx. PUxx upholstery is unique because you can clean it with desinfectants based on alcohol, chlorine and ammonia. If it is important to keep hands sterile, choose a foot-operated chair.

Work surface height:80-100 cm
Height adjustment:56 - 75 cm
  • Ergo Shape seat (recess edge) ø 40 cm

Medical Line

The Score Medical Line stools and saddle chairs have been specially developed for use in medical environments, e.g. in the hospital in examination rooms, in the emergency department, in first aid and in the operating room. You can also find the Score Medical Line stools in the practice rooms of dentists, general practitioners, opticians and physiotherapists.

The medical chairs and stools are covered with high-quality Stamskin or PUxx upholstery. They can also be equipped with various options and accessories such as armrests, lumbar support and foot control. The aims is that you must sit comfortably and healthily on every Score chair. The Medical Line stool with Ergoshape seat prevents pinching of the thighs, so that blood circulation to your legs is guaranteed.

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