MaXX L, up to appr. 250 kg

Step: 1Upholstery

Make a choice in material and colour below.

Step: 2Options

Adjustable seat angle

The seat has an adjustable seatingangle

Armrest 5

Height and width adjustable

Aluminium base ∅ 70 cm (chairs)
Soft Swivel castorsø 65 mm

Suitable for hard floor surfaces

Hard Swivel castorsø 65 mm

Suitable for carpets

Trumpet glides
Gaslift height adjustment
Gaslift 31 MaXX
Lumbar support MaXX

Step: 3Summary

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MaXX L, up to appr. 250 kg

The MaXX L desk chair is specially designed for people with a large and/or heavy stature up to approximately 250 kg. The robust chair is made of high quality materials that provide a solid and secure feel while sitting. The seat is slightly larger than the MaXX M. The various adjustment options and all sorts of extra accessories enhance your comfort.

Work surface height:70-85 cm
Height adjustment:47 - 61 cm
  • Seat angle adjustable in 3 positions
  • Back appr. 56 x 50 cm (W x H)
  • Seat appr. 65 x 53 cm (W x D)
  • Including armrests

MaXX Line, up to appr. 250 kg

These robust chairs are specially designed for heavier people up to 250 kg. The MaXX Line is available in 3 different standard sizes, but because everyone is unique, the three backrests and seats are interchangeable to arrive at a more individualised solution. Along with the chairs, Score also developed a waiting room chair that promotes steady and safe sitting.

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