Dental  Saddle chairs

Dental Saddle chairs

As a specialist in oral medicine, you do not have to contort yourself to treat your patients. Score Dental offers you the best selection of seating solutions to do your work comfortably and healthily.

Experience the comfort of a saddle stool. The ergonomically shaped saddle seat ensures a correct sitting position while your feet are firmly on the ground. Due to the saddle shape, your spine comes into a position that leads to less fatigue. You are also very flexible on the saddle stool and can easily roll on it from one place to another. Score saddle stools are available in three different seat shapes.

The jumper for a wider fit and the Amazon for a narrower fit. Score offers an additional "balance" mechanism for Jumper, Amazon and Jolly. The saddle chairs Jumper, Amazon and the Jolly are also available with the unique Score Balance mechanism.

The sophisticated mechanism ensures that the Score saddle moves towards the center of gravity of the upper body when the user adjusts his position. The position of the pelvic vertebrae remains in balance and pressure points, e.g. on the inner thighs and pubis are relieved. This makes sitting on the already comfortable saddle seat even more comfortable.

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