Amazone Balance with lumbar support, seamless upholstered

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Balance Adjustable

The adjustable Balance mechanism promotes active sitting. The user moves the weight then "moves along the saddle making, as it were" teetering "on the seat. Back muscles are trained and strengthened. The action is set in a more or less complete mobility s

Aluminium base ∅ 54 cm
Alu. base round en smooth ∅ 50 cm
Alu. base round en smooth ∅ 60 cm
Aluminium base ∅ 67 cm
Soft Swivel castorsø 65 mm

Suitable for hard floor surfaces

Hard Swivel castorsø 65 mm

Suitable for carpets

Soft castors, brake loaded

Wielen worden bij belasting van de stoel geremd

Trumpet glides
Height adjustment by foot
Low (mid 25), seat height: 49-63 cm

See Saddle stools: choose the correct height! under the section Ergonomics for the importance of choosing the correct height and more specific guidelines.

Standard (mid31), Seat height 59-77 cm
Hoog (Mid38), zithoogte 63-88 cm

For persons with a length above 190 cm. See Which saddle chair is the best fit for you? under the section Ergonomics to find a more detailed guideline.

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Amazone Balance with lumbar support, seamless upholstered

The essence of healthy sitting is dynamic sitting. The uniquely adjustable Balance mechanism from Score ensures that the saddle moves subtly along with your movements. These ‘micro’ movements of your pelvis ensure that muscle groups and intervertebral discs are not constantly under severe static strain. This prevents pain, helps you maintain your working posture longer, and exercises your core muscles. The degree of movement of the Balance mechanism can be set to your own preference, and can be adjusted by rotating the ring.

The shape of the Amazone seat facilitates the most open hip angle. Your weight is divided evenly across the seat and the floor. The Amazone seat strikes the best possible balance between the control and healthy posture of ‘standing’, and the comfort of ‘sitting’.

With a seamless upholstery there is no chance of dirt or dust parts accumulating in the seams. The seat can be seamless upholstered in Stamskin and in PUxx. Both upholstery fabrics are anti-bacterial. PUxx is a high quality and supple PU leatherette, which is easy to disinfect with alcohol, chlorine or hydrogen peroxide solutions. PUxx is therefore ideal for workplaces which have high requirements regarding hygiene, cleaning and disinfection, for example healthcare environments.
If it is also important to keep your hands sterile, a saddle chair with a foot control for height adjustment is highly recommendable.
Because people vary in height, Score saddle stools are available in three different heights, each with its own range of height adjustment.

With the Balance mechanism, the lumbar support can be adjusted in depth (±5 cm), and moves with the dynamic seat.

Work surface height:80-100 cm
Height adjustment:59 - 77 cm
  • Available heights: Low, Standard and High
  • Smaller version of the Jumper
  • Seat appr. 34 x 30 cm (W x D)

Medical Saddle Chairs, seamless upholstered

The Score medical saddle stools are seamless upholstered and especially developed for use in hospitals, clinics, medical practices, physiotherapy practices or at workplaces where high demands are placed on hygiene. The ergonomically shaped saddle seat ensures correct posture and reduces fatigue. The Jumper saddle stool has a wider seat and the Amazon a narrower one. The "balance" mechanism ensures that the seat moves towards the center of gravity of the upper body when the user changes his position. It is also possible to equip the models with a foot control so that your hands can remain sterile.

For the upholstery you can choose Stamskin, a synthetic leather that is blood, urine, sweat, mold and water resistant. Choose PUxx®, also an artificial leather, if high demands are placed on hygiene. The main advantage of PUxx® is that you can clean it with most cleaning products. PUxx® can easily be used in environments with high hygiene requirements. In these times when hygiene is so important, we have to optimally disinfect all equipment. In contrast to most upholsteries, Score PUxx® seating solutions are resistant to cleaning agents and disinfectants based on chlorine, 70% alcohol and hydrogen peroxide. All Score seating solutions that are upholstered with PUxx® are therefore resistant to disinfectants.

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