General cleaning

Cleaning can be done using a regular household soap. Do not use aggressive products such as alcohol, chlorine, trichloroethylene, thinner, white spirit, paraffin and the like.

 If these products are used, softening agents will dissolve, which means that synthetic parts and artificial leather can be corroded. If sterile cleaning is required, please inquire after our list of allowed cleaning products.


Special cleaning

Stamskin® Top

Stamskin® should be cleaned with a Stamskin cleaner. Alternatively, use a mild soap that is free of acids (no dishwashing liquids), chlorides and alcohol. Apply the cleaning agent and brush gently. Remove remaining residue with a dry cloth.


PUxx is 100% waterproof, urine and blood resistant. PUxx can be cleaned with most common used cleaning agents, including agents containing alcohol based disinfectants, active chloride, quaternary ammonium compounds. Never use solvents (e.g. Acetone) .

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