Working from home in 2021: this is how you do it!

February 11, 2021

From children who romp through video calling appointments to the technology that often fails us: working from home does not go without a struggle. Now that the teething problems have been resolved and we are discovering more and more tricks, working from home is becoming increasingly pleasant. Are you curious about how working from home can be even more pleasant in 2021? We give you tips!

This way you create a good home workplace

Not everyone has a separate office or a separate workplace for quiet work. As a result, the kitchen table is and remains a popular home workplace. That is not necessarily wrong, but there are some points for attention:

  • A kitchen table is often not adjustable in height. This makes it important that you adjust your chair to the height of the table you are working on. Think of a saddle stool for a higher table or an adjustable office chair for a lower workplace. Is the table higher than your chair? Then use a footrest to avoid dangling legs.
  • In addition to the type of chair, the settings of the chair are also important. Adjust it to the correct height and make sure you have enough support.
  • Change posture regularly: think about taking a short walk or switching between sitting and standing.

Invest in a good chair for working from home

The bottom line is that 2021 will remain a year in which working from home remains the norm for most people. Healthy sitting is and remains important. Therefore, invest (or ask your employer to do this) in a good workplace with ergonomically sound aids, such as a good office chair or saddle stool, a desk that is adjustable in height or a footrest. This way you reduce physical complaints.

Tips for working from home efficiently with children

Working from home is a challenge for many parents. With a number of enthusiastic children around you, video calling is a lot more challenging. Consider the following tips when working from home with children:
Do you have young children? Plan the most important tasks around your kids' sleep time. This may include getting up earlier than you normally would.
Make a list of appointments on a large sheet of paper for both you and your kids. In addition, you can also schedule blocks to play together after you have worked for a certain period.

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