Introducing the renewed Score star base family

May 25, 2020

Score continues to go on and we remain to improve by both bigger and smaller innovations. Therefore, we are proudly presenting you our new generation of aluminium Score star bases.The strong star base of Score, including the typical ridges on which we all like to rest our feet, are very recognizable and distinguishing by appearance. For many users, the Score star base symbolizes quality and durability. And we like to hold on to this quality, though only with a star base that fits the modern-day-standards.



The first thing that stands out is the slender design and round shapes of the new Score star base. The five toes are fitted with rounded ends that nicely suit our standard range of castors and carpet gliders. Off course, the ridges that your feet rest so comfortably, have remained. Similar to the synthetic Score star base, the profile of the ridges is shaped in such a way that you can dust or clean them with a cloth in just one movement.

We promise you a beautiful and slender appearance. Yet the new star bases are just as strong as the current generation of Score star bases. We have had them tested extensively in accordance to the ANSI BIFMA standards. These tests have been completed successfully.


Due to the polished aluminium, the star bases appearance is durable. However, did you know that aluminium is a much friendlier raw material for chair parts than chrome parts? The manufacturing process of aluminium is more sustainable for the environment and aluminium is easier to recycle. Returned star bases, for example coming back from a trail test, are re-used by Score. We clean returned star bases and finish them with a coated layer for re-use.

All Score chairs now standard equipped the Score star base

A strong selling point of our chair lines, is the possibility to exchange chair part between different chair types. After the introductions, the Score aluminium star bases as well as the Score synthetic star base have the same looks. Also, they are all very strong and have the recognizable ridges that are very easy to clean. We believe that all Score chairs, including the Spirit Line with a synthetic star base, deserve the attractive Score star base. In the coming months we are gradually introducing the Score star base to all our chair lines as the standard option.

Introduction time-line

The large star base (Ø 67 cm) will be delivered with our chairs starting from week 22, 2020. The smaller star base (Ø 54 cm) is expected to hit the market during late summer or early fall. For all chair lines ordered with a synthetic base, the black Score synthetic base is now by default delivered with your chair order.

Do you have questions or do you want to request samples? Please contact your dealer manager or export manager.


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