Increasing importance of hygiene in seating solutions due to the corona virus

November 5, 2020

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis, in many professional groups nothing has been the same as it was before. The pressure increases in every area and with it the attention to hygiene. Good hygiene ensures that we come into contact with pathogens as little as possible. This is now even more important than ever. Chairs or stools upholstered with PUxx are therefore ideal seating solutions. Why? Read more here!

Stricter hygiene requirements

Employers have an obligation to create a safe and healthy workplace. In professions where hygiene has always been important, there is now even more disinfection than before. Hygiene requirements have not only been tightened for medical professions. The importance of disinfection is also given greater consideration in offices. Think, for example, of keyboards, desks, but also chairs and stools that now have to be disinfected after every working day. This is necessary to minimize contact with bacteria and prevent the virus from spreading.

PUxx® seating solutions: disinfection is important

PUxx® is a high-quality PU-based synthetic leather, which is used for the upholstery for a variety of Score’s seating solutions. The big advantage of PUxx® is that you can clean it with most cleaning products. PUxx® can be used without any problems in environments with high hygiene requirements. In these times when hygiene plays an important role, we have to optimally disinfect chairs. In contrast to most upholsteries, Score PUxx® seating solutions can withstand cleaning agents and disinfectants based on chlorine, 70% alcohol and hydrogen peroxide. All Score chairs and stools that are upholstered with PUxx® are therefore resistant to disinfectants.

Features of PUxx® upholstery

PUxx® upholstery does not suffer if it is cleaned with alcohol solutions. A PUxx® product is also:
• 100% waterproof
• Wear-resistant tested at 300,000 RPM Martindale
• Resistant to urine and blood

Benefits of PUxx® upholstery for saddle stools and seats

Score’s saddle chairs ensure that the saddle moves subtly with you in all directions thanks to the unique balance mechanism. A large number of these saddle stools are easy to clean with alcohol and disinfectants thanks to the PUxx® upholstery. In addition, PUxx®-based synthetic leather feels less warm (no sweaty feeling) than other PVC-based synthetic leather. It conducts heat easily, which makes it even more pleasant to work with or on a PUxx® stool or chair from Score.

Read more about the differences between PUxx® and Stamskin®. Or contact us and let us advise you on the right seating solutions for your work environment.

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